The Virginia Collection of

Ancient Greek and Roman Coins

The Virginia Collection of Ancient coins offered in this Sale has been broken down into several broad groups. The smaller section of Greek Silver Coins is listed in the First Session. Among them are included interesting Staters and Didrachms struck in Southern Italy during the period of Finest Art. In addition there are some rare Sicilian Tetradrachms and other attractive pieces.

The Ancient Gold Coins are also to be found in the First Session. Several of the Greek pieces are rare, particularly the gold Stater of Lampsacus bearing the portrait of Olympia, mother of Alexander the Great (Lot 256). The large Octadrachm of Arsinoe is a nice specimen. Among the Roman Gold Coins there is one of the rare Romano- Campanian 3 Scruple pieces (Lot 261). The portrait Aurei of the Imperial period, especially that of Nerva, are of great interest, as are the fine historical Solid! of Constantine the Great and his sons.

The Second Session is devoted to the larger group of Greek Coins, many of which are both rare and attractive. The Stater of Amastris (Lot 420) is not represented in the British Museum Catalogue. There is a fine gallery of portrait coins of the Seulicide Kings of Syria and a particularly choice Didrachm of Cyrene.

The Roman Republic pieces in this Session comprise one of the largest groups of these Denarii to be offered in several years. Specimens of the famous “Muse” coins in the finest condition are included. The Sale is brought to a close by some good Imperial Denarii, a few pleasant bronzes and two “Spintriae”, the first we have handled in more than 20 years.

This sale took place on September 6-7, 1973.

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