Estate Planning

Contemplating the sale of a treasured collection is often difficult. Nonetheless, selling is an important part of the collecting process, and planning for and overseeing the sale of property can offer a rewarding sense of closure. As the person with the greatest emotional and financial investment, you have the best understanding of your material and the market, and can make the important decisions necessary to maximize the sale of your results.

It is inevitable that some collections will be left to heirs, either as planned or as a result of unforeseen circumstances. All too often, collections left to family members or others who are unfamiliar with numismatics are sold at inappropriate venues and realize less than their potential. Similarly, uninformed heirs can be vulnerable to paying excessive fees and charges. These scenarios can be avoided by having a formalized plan in place to assist with the dispersal. Every aspect of the sale can be put into writing to ensure the eventual transaction meets your wishes and expectations.

At Stack’s Bowers Galleries, we recognize the significance of the sale of a collection and the unique challenge this presents. Our goal is to minimize the unknown and maximize the results, while always remaining mindful of our clients. Working with you, your heirs and any professional advisors, we can make the necessary arrangements now, so you can be confident that your collection will be handled properly when the time comes to sell it.

Since 1933, we have provided collectors with knowledgeable, thoughtful advice and professional service. With your help, we can design a structured plan that will realize ​the results you deserve. We have been carefully cataloging, showcasing, and presenting rare coins and paper money at auction for longer than any other American firm. The expertise gained from our unparalleled record of auctions will help your items realize the best possible prices. We also offer the finest worldwide audience of collectors, dealers, investors, museums and others, who have set important records for our firm for decades. Our tradition of nearly a century of building and selling fine collections means you can rest easy, knowing the sale of your coins will be carried out knowledgably and professionally, and most importantly, the way you planned it.

You worked hard to assemble your collection. Now, let Stack’s Bowers Galleries work hard for you.

For more information and to discuss the importance of planning, please call Brian Kendrella at (800) 458-4646 ext. 291.

Brian Kendrella

Brian Kendrella


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