The Market is Hot! Part 1

two-part quiz has to do with “hot” items in the numismatic marketplace—a
particular item or series that was the focus of a lot of attention. As will be
seen, one market’s darling is often the Cinderella of a later market, and
vice-versa. Check my article in two weeks for the conclusion of the quiz (and
the answers).


1. In 1858 there was little information in
print about this coin, but upon learning of it many collectors desired to have
one. The market value was as much as $2, but few dealers had any for sale.

a. 1793 Chain cent

b. 1856 Flying Eagle cent

c. 1858 silver dollar

d. 1844 Liberty Seated dime


2. In 1860 this series led the market in
interest and activity, spurred by the Mint itself mounting a special exhibit of
these pieces, in combination with lots of interest in dealer catalogs and

a. Early gold coins 1795-1834

b. State copper coins of 1785-1788

c. Washington tokens and medals

d. Capped Bust half dollars 1807-1836


3. In 1869 there was lots of interest in
the market in this particular series, and the Mint kept turning out more, but
buying them was quite difficult unless you had connections through certain
dealers. Hundreds of new varieties were made in this year alone.

a. Pattern coins

b. Mint medals depicting presidents

c. Proof coins and sets

d. Assay Commission medals


4. In 1901 lots of interest in this field
was stirred up by articles and publications by Lyman H. Low, Benjamin Wright,
and others. More people were interested in rare examples of these than were
interested in, for example, Morgan silver dollars.

a. Proof coins and sets

b. Tokens and store cards

c. Columbian Exposition medals

d. American colonial coins


5. In 1907 this new issue was as hot as a
firecracker. Although slightly over 12,000 were made and placed into
circulation, nearly all were snapped up by bank tellers, collectors, and
others, and the price rose sharply.

a. Inaugural medals

b. Indian Head $10 gold

c. Barber half dollars

d. MCMVII $20

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