Thankful for this Hobby

Certainly, the week of Thanksgiving is a time for reflection
on the blessings in our lives. Right now, more than ever, I think everyone
could use a pause, a chance to appreciate all the things we are thankful for.
As I sat down to try to write a currency blog that ties into the Thanksgiving
holiday, one idea was very obvious. I’m thankful for this hobby and all of the
opportunities it has afforded me.

You may or may not know my background. I grew up the son of
a lifetime coin and currency dealer. I feel as if I didn’t really choose
numismatics; instead, I guess it chose me. I was a collector from a very young
age and my dad always fertilized my budding collecting interests by giving me neat
coins or notes that came his way, or a scarce date to plug a hole in my album.

As I grew older, however, the last thing I wanted to be was
a coin and currency dealer. I saw it as an enjoyable hobby but nothing more. By
the time I left for college I had attended hundreds of shows helping my dad and
I was convinced that wasn’t what I wanted. However, fate had other plans and by
the time graduation came I found that my path was less clear. Dad was there to
nudge me into pursuing a career in numismatics; he had laid the foundation for
me and I was ready to build upon it.

That was a little more than 10 years ago. I have been with
Stack’s Bowers for nearly seven years and I am incredibly thankful for this
wonderful hobby we are lucky to share. It has provided me with numerous
remarkable experiences, introduced me to scores of fascinating people and
helped me create lifelong friendships. Very few people are fortunate enough to
turn a passionate hobby into a career. More than anything I’m thankful for my
dad who dragged his young son to coin shows all around the country and taught
him everything he could. Without him none of this would be possible.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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