Superb Nero Aureus

upcoming Stack’s Bowers Galleries May Collectors Choice Online Auction featuring
Ancient and World coins includes a fantastic Aureus of Roman Emperor Nero as
lot 70103.
One of the most iconic Roman emperors, Nero is famed
for having “fiddled while Rome burned.” This anecdote alludes to the Great Fire
of Rome in A.D. 64, for which some ancient historians blame Nero. They claim he
wanted space to build his palatial “Domus Aurea” (which translates as golden house).
Some modern historians exonerate Nero as the culprit, with one of several
reasons being that he donated large sums of his own personal wealth to the
public relief and reconstruction efforts. There are other magnanimous efforts
of Nero – and the other Roman Emperors in general – such as providing regular
stipends of grain to the masses of Rome. This duty is alluded to by the reverse
design of this Aureus: the goddess Ceres, who ruled over grain and agriculture.
Ceres (whose name has given the modern world the word cereal) extends a handful
of grain sprigs in her right hand, miming the distribution of grain to the
people. The obverse design depicts a youthful and bareheaded bust of the
emperor Nero, with titles around. The reverse features the aforementioned
depiction of Ceres, with additional honorific titles of Nero around. This
example offers great centering, a detailed strike and a bold portrait. In
addition to this coin, there are many other desirable offerings in this sale;
hidden treasures await diligent bidders.

We are currently
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