Scarce Russian Notes Highlight our Official ANA World’s Fair of Money Sale

The World Currency Department of Stack’s Bowers
Galleries is proud to highlight excellent Russian pieces in our Official
Auction of the 2018 ANA World’s Fair of Money, held at the Pennsylvania
Convention Center at 1101 Arch Street in Philadelphia.

An 1882 Pick A53 100 Rubles Rainbow note is
offered in lot 30229. It features a highly popular design printed on
watermarked paper and in the nicest condition we have seen or handled for the
type. Typically these pieces are found in the lower Fine range with tears,
holes, splits, and stains. The reverse, the rainbow colored side which features
Catherine the II at center, is almost always compromised.

This is the highest denomination for the series,
and as such, this piece has been heavily counterfeited. The giveaways on the
fake pieces are often the eyes on the Empress, or an absence of the watermarked
paper. Based on our research of auction archives, this is the only fully original
example we have found of this piece. The plated date on the reverse, 1882, is
the earliest date available for this Pick number. This pristine example is free
of any of the bank or teller stamps frequently found on pieces from this

Another highlight of the sale in the Russian
Section is a 25 Rubles State Credit note in lot 30225. This is the first
example, in specimen or issued, that we have handled for this type. Of the
dates known, this 1876 is the earliest available date. At left is the monogram
of Czar Alexander II with the crowned double headed eagle above. The purple
panel at left is Cyrillic and roughly translates to ""Obtain from the
Highest Manifesto of 1 June 1843, pertaining to the issue of state credit

The note has predominantly gray text, with black
serial numbers and a black plated signature. The text translates to "State
credit note. Upon presentation, it is issued from the cash register of the
State Bank TWENTY FIVE RUBLES in silver or gold coin." The obligation is
in purple. A watermark of Czar Alexey Mikhailovich is seen when held to the
light as are the letters GKB, wavy lines, and the obligation. This is a classic
display of the advanced, and intricate watermark work of Imperial Russia. The
edges are rounded and deckled. PCGS Currency mentions Small Edge Tears at
Right, and Minor Stains on the holder.

Many other significant and scarce pieces will be
offered in our August 2018 Philadelphia ANA Auction. For further information
regarding this collection, please contact Aris@StacksBowers.Com. If you would
like to register to bid, you may do so at, or contact

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