SBG Crypto: The 5 Bitcoin and Other Casascius Rarities

We are just about one week away from the live bidding in the first session of our Bitcoin Halving Sale! The pre-sale bidding activity has already been intense, and we are expecting considerable excitement once these crypto coins cross the auction block next Thursday. If you would like to increase your bidding limit or order a printed copy of the catalog ahead of the sale, these are the final days to do so!

Including both Loaded and Non-Loaded formats, we have offered examples of nearly every denomination from the Casascius series. Next week’s sale will include examples of the 0.5 Bitcoin, 1 Bitcoin in silver and brass, 5 Bitcoin, 25 Bitcoin, and 100 Bitcoin pieces. Past offerings also featured the 0.1 Bitcoin, 0.5 Bitcoin and 10 Bitcoin denominations in silver formats. We’ve even handled the non-denominated Casascius aluminum tokens that would eventually be repurposed by creators like Cryptofreeze and others. Collectors have made it clear that any item from the Casascius series is a historic artifact, but some types have become more famous than others—namely the brass 2011 1 Bitcoin Error Variety.

Therefore, I wanted to take this week to spotlight a somewhat underrated treasure being presented next week, which is the Casascius 5 Bitcoin in lot 8009. The 5 Bitcoin is absolutely a sleeper rarity within this category, produced for just one year in the middle of Casascius production. Struck in a gleaming nickel brass composition, its unassuming size and format hides the fact that it is a formidable rarity and often the linchpin to completing a non-precious metal set of Casascius coins.

We earlier sold a 5 Bitcoin in our August 2022 sale where it realized $132,000— a successful result at the time. We have seen considerable growth in the category since and  bidding for the current 5 Bitcoin is already almost double that result! We also note that only about 300 5 Bitcoins remain in Loaded condition versus the 445 such examples listed at the time of our 2022 sale. Of course, these coins continue to be peeled and redeemed over time and the rarity of Loaded examples will surely increase. If you are aiming to assemble a truly top tier set of Casascius coins or Physical Bitcoins in general, the 5 Bitcoin presented next week will be a truly significant opportunity.

We greatly appreciate all your interest in our Physical Bitcoin program, and I am always happy to answer questions on an upcoming sale or discuss the category in general. I can be reached at

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