1897 Liberty Head Nickel. Proof-67 Deep Cameo (PCGS). CAC.


Stunning Deep Cameo 1897 Nickel with CAC Approval.

A virtually flawless example of both the type and issue that would serve with distinction in the finest numismatic collection. Both sides exhibit remarkably strong field to device contrast, the former areas deeply mirrored and the latter features with a billowy satin texture. Fully struck and expertly preserved, both sides are untoned apart from the lightest golden iridescence that only reveals itself in the presence of a strong light. Produced in relatively limited numbers (1,938 coins), the 1897 numbers among the scarcer Proofs in the Liberty Head nickel series. With just one example graded finer at PCGS, this Superb Gem is a breathtaking condition rarity worthy of the finest collection.

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