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Great Collections Await!

When great collections are sold, the vast majority of them come our way—and have ever since Stack’s held its first sale in 1935. When important cabinets have become available, the usual request to us is "Come and get it!" Our reputation speaks for itself—and our quality and results have paid great dividends. At the same time our rates and services are competitive.
This, our main catalog for the Whitman Coin & Collectibles Winter Expo in Baltimore, is one of seven our team has prepared, with research started many months ago. Among these are the catalog of Washingtoniana from the W.S. Baker Collection, consigned to us by the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. A book could be prepared for the John W. Adams Collection of Comitia Americana medals. Colonial collectors will take special note of the Robert M. Martin Collection of colonials, the E Pluribus Unum Collection of New Jersey coppers, and our additional colonial session contained in the present catalog. In addition our U.S. Currency catalog offers notes from common to rare.
Concerning the main catalog you are now holding, listing the highlights would require many pages. The descriptions themselves are definitive. Accordingly, I will be brief here:
In August we offered our first selection of items from the E. Horatio Morgan Collection. Our current presentation from this incredible cabinet consists of a complete run of half dollars by date from 1794 through 1891, including a nearly-complete variety set from 1794 through 1836. There are many significant rarities, most of which have been off the market for decades. "Wow" coins include an AU 1794, a near-Gem 1795, and a landmark 1796, followed in due course by an 1838-O, one of America’s most famous rarities.
Also of note is the August Nagy Collection, formed decades ago and offering "fresh to the market" type coins, commemoratives, and other desirable pieces. The Edmund W. Dreyfuss Collection of United States Inaugural Medals is exceptional and nearly-complete, offering Presidential inaugural medals spanning from 1893 through 2013. Assembled decades ago, it features the rarest issues of the series. Medals are a hot ticket in today’s market, and interest is increasing by leaps and bounds through the relatively new Medal Collectors of America group and the long-time Token and Medal Society. The Marc McDonald Collection of Washington Before Boston medals includes many different variants and restrikes—an unprecedented offering. As I am 81 years old I am deaccessioning many numismatic items I have acquired over a long span of years. The Washington-Lafayette counterstamps, for example, are numismatic Americana deluxe! However, if I were couple decades younger I would be a leading buyer at the Expo.
To paraphrase an old saying, "If there is something in American numismatics we don’t have, you don’t need it!" From entry-level coins, tokens, medals, and currency to landmark rarities, from early colonial times into the modern era, an unprecedented panorama awaits you in Baltimore.
Our catalogs on their own have become treasured collectibles—more so than for any other firm according to several dealers in numismatic publications.

 Welcome to Baltimore

The Whitman Coin & Collectibles Expo is always dynamic—one of the best-attended conventions in America. Draw a 500-mile circle around the city and you get the vast majority of numismatists in America. Driving is easy, and the Baltimore-Washington International Airport is one of the most modern and efficient and is less than a half-hour ride to town. A survey of leading dealers revealed that Baltimore is the number one favorite city for conventions.
The Whitman show and our auction will be at the usual venue, the Baltimore Convention Center in the heart of the Inner Harbor district, where there are many fine hotels, museums, and tourist attractions. The convention hosts hundreds of dealers and always buzzes with activity. I guarantee you will have a good time! We will roll the red carpet out for you.
If you do not plan to attend, the Internet will give you an "I am there!" presence. Watch the action and press the "Bid!" button when special items come up for sale.
Now, with my comment concluded, you can take it from here by viewing the various descriptions. I’ll see you in Baltimore if you plan to attend. Either way, enjoy our remarkable auction sessions!

Thinking of Selling?

As you read these words I and other team members are planning for the great events we have scheduled for 2020, with some planning even further ahead. The Whitman Coin & Collectibles Expos in Baltimore are three of the most dynamic shows of the year. If you act quickly you can consign to the next one, coming up fast in March. We also are accepting consignments for our Official Auction of the ANA World’s Fair of Money in August, as well as our popular Collectors Choice Online auctions.
While we are preparing for another rarities-spangled year of public auctions, our sales will also feature, countless popular and affordable coins, tokens, medals, and paper money as well. Our Internet sales are an important venue and have been very popular. In recent years I have consigned a lot of my tokens, medals, and counterstamps to the Internet sales, with great results. More are on the way!
Are you thinking of selling? Then think of Stack’s Bowers Galleries. If you carefully consider the matter, there is no other logical choice. Since our first sale in 1935, we have handled thousands of collections from modest in size to the greatest and have had an unequalled record of success. The dynamism continues: we currently hold the records for the most expensive coins ever sold at auction worldwide and the most valuable collections ever auctioned. More is to come!
Whether you have some choice and interesting duplicates, sets, or series to sell or whether you have a great collection laden with rarities, I and our Dream Team would like to hear from you. Just call 800-458- 4646 (West Coast) or 800-566-2580 (East Coast) to speak with a consignment specialist.
All good wishes,
Q, David Bowers
Co-founder, Stack’s Bowers Galleries​​

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