Notes from New York: Let’s Talk About Gold

The New York Stack’s Bowers Galleries team welcomes you to our store in warm, sunny NYC! Our Manhattan presence has offered clients a complete numismatic resource center for many decades. We are buying and taking in consignments every day! You can contact us at 212-582-2580 or to set up an appointment. Or, you can just stop by at 470 Park Avenue between 57th and 58th streets! This week I am highlighting a fun pre-1933 gold deal I did last week.

We had a customer walk-in unannounced which is always welcome. I greeted him at the counter, and he presented me with a PCGS submission box. He was not sure if the contents were something we would be interested in, so I took a closer look, and he had a full box of Liberty double eagles. I happily reported to him that we absolutely buy those and much more! He had some better date Mint State examples that carried numismatic premiums along with more generic pieces. I assessed the coins and presented him with an offer that he was pleased to accept.

Here at Stack’s Bowers Galleries, we are constantly up to date on market values and premiums and are always looking to maximize numismatic value for our clients. He was so thrilled with the deal that he pulled another grading box out of his bag that contained higher quality $20 double eagles. We worked out a deal for this group that left the customer more than satisfied. He told me he has some nicer examples at home and looks forward to coming back soon. Stack’s Bowers Galleries prioritizes transparency, ethics and making the overall customer experience stress-free and enjoyable. We look forward to building a long-term business relationship with you as well!

Here in the New York gallery, and in our other locations, we are eager to answer your calls and work within your specific circumstances. Whether you are local, states away or international, a novice or a seasoned expert, we are here to help! In addition to buying, we are also focused on taking in consignments for the August 2024 Global Showcase Auction that has a June 17 deadline to consign. The earlier consignments come in the better. Please give us a call at the number listed above to make an appointment, plan out a shipment or just get our honest, straightforward advice.

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