Events: The No. 1 PCGS Registry Set of Lincoln Cents with Major Varieties Circulation Strikes to Cross the Block in Baltimore!

Welcome to one of the most amazing specialized collections we have ever offered. Working over a period of years and seeking ultra-high quality the collector succeeded in creating the No. 1 PCGS Registry Set, not only of circulation strike Lincoln cents, but of the major varieties therein. The 1922 Plain, the 1955 Doubled Die, the 1969-S Doubled Die and other varieties included are rarely seen in the grades that are presented here. The 1969-S Doubled Die alone, of which there is no finer certified example, would be worthy of being a cover coin all by itself.

The Professional Coin Grading Service introduced the Registry Set program (created by David Hall) in the late 20th century. It was a unique concept combining the quest for completing a coin series with the challenge of obtaining the finest possible example of each variety. A system was devised to give weight to each issue based on its rarity. Accordingly, a relatively common Lincoln cent—the 1999-D for example—is given a low multiplier, while classics such as the 1909-S V.D.B. 1914-D, 1922 Plain, and other keys have high multipliers.

PCGS Registry Set participants enjoy special amenities and enjoy the spirit of competition. At each ANA World’s Fair of Money convention, PCGS holds an awards luncheon for members. Lots of fun!

The concept of condition rarity is a key element. In the Lincoln cent series a variety might be very common in, say, MS-65 RD grade, but becomes a condition rarity in an ultra-high grade. An example is provided by 1990-D, which can be acquired by the thousands in MS-65, but at the highest grade awarded by PCGS, MS-68 RD, there are only 40 with none graded higher. For the 1923-S, semi-scarce in lower Mint State grades, the highest PCGS certification is MS-65 RD.

The currently offered collection offers three sets of opportunities:

1: If you are building a high-grade collection of Lincoln cents 1909 to date and have the issues from the 1930s onward in, say, MS-65 or 66 RD grades, this collection will provide the opportunity, very unusual in many instances, to acquire high grade examples of earlier scarce varieties.

2: If you like interesting varieties, this sale is an Olympic event! Never before in our history have we ever had such a lineup of scarce and rare varieties in such high grades.

3: If you are among the many collectors forming a PCGS Registry Set, compare your listing with the coins we offer, and upgrade as your budget permits.

We hope you can join us in Baltimore or online Thursday, March 22, at 6:30PM ET as this collection crosses the block! ​

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