An Extraordinary Gold Medal for Victoria’s Extraordinary Golden Jubilee

2020 NYINC Highlight Coin of the Week

Upon the death of William IV—the third male child, and third overall, of George III—the crown passed to Victoria, his niece and the reigning Princess of Kent. Since the crowning of George I over 100 years earlier, the British crown and the German Hanoverian crown were in personal union. George I had been the hereditary elector of Hanover at the time he succeeded Queen Anne, this on account of his having descended from Sophia, the protestant electress consort of Hanover. As the electorate of Hanover followed Salic Law, with a strict adherence to agnatic succession, the crown could only pass to males, excluding Victoria in favor of her uncle, Ernest Augustus. With the personal union ended, the newly-crowned Victoria—just 18 years old at the time of her accession in 1837—would begin a extensive reign that would see an entire era named in her honor.

Though lengthy reigns aren’t as uncommon now, lifespans even just 150 years ago were not what we currently enjoy, and a monarch’s 50 year reign, generally known as a ‘golden jubilee,’ was an event to be widely and monumentally celebrated. As such, Victoria’s ceremonies in 1887 extended to all parts of the United Kingdom—not just locally in London, but throughout England and the British Isles, and around the vast British Empire, stretching from Canada to Australia, with portions of Africa and the Indian subcontinent in between. Numismatics was also tapped as a source of commemoration, with Victoria’s coinage undergoing the well-known ‘jubilee’ redesign. In addition, countless medals, both official and unofficial, were produced by a faithful realm.

Featured in our forthcoming Official Auction of the 2020 N.Y.I.N.C. will be one such astonishing piece of medallic art: a large gold medal of the highest quality and craftsmanship. Certified by NGC as PROOF-64+ Ultra Cameo, this specimen, the finest in gold which one could acquire, offers breathtaking perfection and wondrous artistry. The surfaces are extensively mirrored and free from the usual hairlines which plague similar issues, while the devices present an unrivaled intricate nature. One need not look any further than Victoria’s veil—the delicate lace of which has been exceptionally executed—to discover the impressive engraving skill utilized in the creation of this rare Gem. With a mintage in gold of just 944 pieces, it is easy to see why this specimen’s state of preservation is extraordinary, and why it is assuredly worthy of the attention of advanced collectors of  Victorian material..

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