Remarkable Choice AU 1839-D $2.50 to be offered as part of the Georgia Peach Collection in our 2015 ANA World’s Fair of Money Auction

The very desirable 1839-D Classic Head quarter eagle represents both the inaugural production of quarter eagles at the Dahlonega Mint and also the terminal year of the Classic Head design type for the denomination.

The discovery of gold deposits across the Mid-Atlantic States in the early 19th century created a surplus of bullion that needed to find its way into the nation’s economy. The Philadelphia Mint soon became overwhelmed by the coinage demands coming from southern sources, spurring the Act of March 3, 1835, that authorized the erection of branch mints at Charlotte, North Carolina, Dahlonega, Georgia, and New Orleans, Louisiana.  

After the appropriation of $50,000 and a few years of construction, coining at the Dahlonega Mint commenced in April 1838 with the production of 80 half eagles, some of which were sent north to Philadelphia for assay and verification. It wasn’t until the following year that quarter eagle production began at this facility.  

Designed by Chief Engraver William Kneass and introduced on the quarter eagles and half eagles of 1834, the Classic Head design depicts a more petite Liberty than was offered on the earlier Capped Head Left design (also designed by Kneass).  By 1839, Gobrecht’s Liberty Head had been implemented on half eagles, though the quarter eagles retained Kneass’s Classic Head for one final year.

The 1839-D quarter eagles were minted from a single obverse die in combination with two different reverse dies, creating two distinct varieties for the issue. The final digit in the date of this obverse die was improperly cut, leading collectors to believe that the final 9 was repunched over an 8, though recent research has largely dispelled this myth. 

The gorgeous Choice AU we will offer in our August official auction of the ANA World’s Fair of Money is a representative of the McCloskey-1 variety and features an exceptional strike for a product of this Georgia facility. Sandy gold and lightly satiny, the eye appeal remains strong across both sides. Most frequently offered in Very Fine to Extremely Fine levels of preservation, the present coin is a truly remarkable event for Southern Gold enthusiasts!

This jewel is just one of many treasures from the Georgia Peach Collection that will be presented in our Upcoming 2015 ANA World’s Fair of Money Auction. This exquisite assemblage contains a comprehensive set of the quarter eagles minted at Dahlonega, spanning from the present 1839-D to the 1859-D. All exhibit the preservation and eye appeal demanded by connoisseurs.

The Georgia Peach Collection will be offered alongside many additional rarities in Chicago this August. For updates and inquiries please contact our offices or visit us at  

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