Did You Know- Selections from the Syd Martin Collection Will be Offered in Upcoming Collectors Choice Online Auctions?

In addition to their Showcase Auction presentations of the Sydney F. Martin Collection, Stack’s Bowers Galleries will be offering certain selections from this incomparable cabinet in a series of Collectors Choice Online Auctions. Pre-sale viewing and bidding is now available at for the first of these, scheduled for Tuesday, April 11, 2023 beginning at 9:00 AM Pacific Time.

Featured will be selections from Syd’s reference collection of die varieties of the popular St. Patrick farthings and halfpence that Syd used as the basis of his now standard reference on the series. Continuing the sale will be the balance of Syd’s New Jersey coppers that were not offered August 2023, when Stack’s Bowers Galleries auctioned off his primary New Jersey collection. French Colonial coins were one of Syd’s specialties, and he put together a comprehensive collection of the billon Sou and Half Sous Marques by date, mint, type, and variety that surpasses the expert holding created by Robert Vlack, who authored the now standard work on the series. In this sale will be the first part of this vast collection, with further offerings planned for CCO auctions in the future. Rounding out this auction will be selections from Syd’s collection of contemporary imitation and 18th century counterfeit halfpence and farthings, including several of the iconic types like the 1772 Banana Nose and the 1771 Baby Head, along with extensive die variety collections of 1781 and 1785 English halfpence. Additional selections from Syd’s cabinet will be found in our Collectors Choice Online auctions about four times a year, with the next offering planned for June 2023. Please keep an eye on our auction schedule and our emails to learn about these future offerings from the Sydney F. Martin Collection.

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