Tibetan Bank Notes Coming Up in our April Hong Kong Auction

In our April 3, 2017,
Hong Kong Paper Money sale, we are auctioning an extensive offering of Tibetan
bank notes. These notes are from the collection of Alexander Boris
Lissanevitch, regarded by those familiar with his collection as the premier
collector for Tibet. Nearly our entire section of Tibetan notes is made up of
his material.

Among the many highlights
are lot 70572, a 10 Tam printing plate, and lot 70637, an assortment of four 25
Srang printing plates for different stages of production. Many of the notes in
the collection have missing serial numbers, red seals, and black seals.
Mismatched serial numbers and inverted seals are also present. Scarce catalog
numbers like Pick 2, and Pick 3 (the 10 and 15 Tam notes) are also included,
certified by PCGS Currency. One of the 15 Tam notes, lot 70585, has a repeater
serial number. Lot 70600 offers Pick 5, a 50 Tam note in PCGS Very Fine 30.
This note is  the only known 50 Tam
example missing both the seals, and serial numbers. In addition we are offering
original bundles of Pick 7, the later 50 Tam design, in lots 70263-70625. Other
bundles offered include, but are not limited to, lots 70630, 20632, and 70634
(the 10 Srang design classified as Pick 9).

As it is such an extensive collection, there are
groups comprising 10 to 15 notes, as well as larger groups of over 100 notes.
Some of these are perfect for bulk collectors, and others are suitable for
dealers looking to have a large variety of items to offer clients. The lots
belonging to this collection can be viewed here. .

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