Stack’s Bowers Galleries Strikes Gold with Record Ancient Sales

In their immensely successful official auction of the 2021 ANA World’s Fair of Money, Stack’s Bowers Galleries enjoyed particularly resounding realizations among ancient coins. The exciting offerings in this monumental sale featured nine of the 25 highest-achieving ancient coins in the firm’s history, with five selling in for six-figure prices. This group also represents the most successful presentation of ancient coins for the firm, with a company record set by a remarkable gold Aureus of the Roman Emperor Macrinus. Breaking the record previously held by a Syracusan Dekadrachm (which sold for $207,000 in January 2009), this dazzling gem exceeded that sum by over $100,000. In fact, the record set by the Dekadrachm in 2009 was nearly eclipsed by a highly impressive gold Aureus of Otho, which sold only minutes prior to the Macrinus Aureus for $204,000.

Here are the top-five ancients in the 2021 ANA auction, all of which were six-figure items.  


1. MACRINUS, A.D. 217-218. AV Aureus (7.17 gms), Rome Mint, A.D. 218. NGC Ch MS★, Strike: 5/5 Surface: 5/5. Fine Style.

Sold for $312,000

2. OTHO, A.D. 69. AV Aureus (7.39 gms), Rome Mint. NGC Ch EF, Strike: 4/5 Surface: 4/5.

Sold for $204,000

3. FLORIANUS, A.D. 276. AV Aureus (4.53 gms), Ticinum Mint, A.D. 276. NGC MS, Strike: 5/5 Surface: 3/5. Fine Style. Brushed.

Sold for $144,000

4. VITELLIUS, A.D. 69. AV Aureus (7.31 gms), Rome Mint. NGC Ch EF, Strike: 5/5 Surface: 3/5.

Sold for $120,000

5. PTOLEMAIC EGYPT. Arsinoe II Philadelphos, Died 270/68 B.C. AV Mnaieion (Octodrachm/Oktadrachm) (27.77 gms), Alexandreia Mint, struck under Ptolemy VI and/or VIII ca. 204-116 B.C. NGC Ch MS, Strike: 5/5 Surface: 4/5.

Sold for $108,000

To view our upcoming auction schedule and future offerings, please visit where you may register and participate in this and other forthcoming sales.

We are always seeking coins, medals, and paper money for our future auctions, and are currently accepting submissions for our Official Auction of the 2022 NYINC next January and our Hong Kong auction next spring. Additionally, we are always accepting submissions for our Collectors Choice Online (CCO) auctions, the next of which will be in October. If you would like to learn more about consigning, whether a singular item or an entire collection, please contact one of our consignment directors today and we will assist you in achieving the best possible return on your material.

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