Iconic Ancient Silver and Rare World Gold Issues Among the Highlights in the Stack’s Bowers Galleries Official Auction of the 2020 N.Y.I.N.C.

Venerable auction house Stack’s Bowers Galleries is pleased to present their Official Auction of the 2020 N.Y.I.N.C.—a monumental sale to be sold in four sessions (two live and two online) from 17-21 January, and comprising over 2,600 lots of ancient, medieval, early modern, and modern rarities.

Among the ancient coins being offered is a selection of artistic early Greek silver, with exceptional representations such as a Sicilian Dekadrachm (lot 20009) and signed Tetradrachm (lot 20008), an impressive Tetradrachm from Gela (lot 20004), and many other important coins. The Roman Imperatorial section features four appealing and historically important portrait Denarii from the final days of Julius Caesar (lots 20080-20083). These issues capture the period leading up to and just after his fateful assassination on the steps of the portico of the Theater of Pompey in 44 B.C., and feature stunningly realistic images of the dictator perpetuo. The Roman Imperial section offers numerous Sestertii with exceptional portraits of first and second century emperors, such as Nero (lot 20092), Trajan (lot 20104), and Hadrian (lot 20113). A strong showing of Roman gold is notable and includes a Quinarius of Diva Faustina Senior (lot 20119), published and pedigreed to 1909, and an exceedingly rare Aureus of Carus (lot 20122), that displays a rather interesting obverse legend variant.

The world sections comprise the lion’s share of this impressive auction, and chief among them is a collection of Chilean portrait 8 Escudos and Reales, ranging from the reigns of Ferdinand VI to Ferdinand VII, with a very rare “Pillar Dollar” as well as some lesser-seen Republican issues. Within the British offerings are three gold 5 Guineas, including lot 20413, which presents the final Stuart monarch, James II, in the year of his abdication and lot 20417, which offers a glimpse into his successors, William and Mary. The most monumental of the three, however, is another William and Mary example (lot 20418), this time in a nearly choice grade very rarely encountered for the type.

Another comprehensive series within the world sections is the Kyle Ponterio Collection of countermarked issues and cut pieces. Carefully and expertly cultivated for over a decade, this vast array features some of the finest and rarest examples of their respective types, offering something for every collector. Also of interest for the academic is a series of New World spurious issues emanating from the John Kraljevich Collection of Contemporary Circulating Forgeries, many of which are attempts at 8 Escudos.

Connoisseurs of the British Commonwealth will take note of the Fenton Collection of Registry Set New Zealand coinage. This exemplary offering of Gems and Near Gems is unrivaled in quality and scope. Among Latin America pieces is a wonderful selection of Peruvian goldnearly all impressive portrait issues.

The Russian section presents some of the most impressive and rare pieces, starting majestically with a gold Medal of Peter I (the Great; lot 21294) that commemorates the capture of three Swedish frigates and allegedly emanated from the famous collection of Grand Duke Mikhailovich. The rarities continue with a gold 2 Rubles Novodel issued under Peter II (lot 21301) that offers unrivaled quality for this seldom-seen type. Issues of Elizabeth (lots 21303 and 21304), Nicholas I (lots 21317, 21318 and 21319), and Alexander II (21322) offer a variety of metals and denominations, and are all immensely difficult to acquire. A “Reign for Our Glory” medal of Nicholas I (lot 21321) features a sublime portrait of the emperor and legends in French rather than the native Cyrillic that is far more commonly encountered on medallic issues.

Swiss collectors will be thrilled by a trio of gold rarities, starting with lot 21420, a massive 5 Ducats from Bern that is plated in Friedberg and pedigreed to 1977. Meanwhile, lot 21421, a 1637 Quadrupla or 4 Pistolets from Geneva, represents a heretofore unknown example of the date in a rare denomination. An early 16th century Ducat from Uri and Schwyz (lot 21423) is another unpublished and apparently unique offering—incredible given the degree to which Swiss coinage has been rigorously studied.

Rounding out the concentrations of types, this sale presents numerous orders and decorations from a wide range of authorities, both military and civil, in single lots as well as academic groupings.

The exceptional number of singular rarities begins with a Chinese Long-Whisker Dragon Dollar Pattern (lot 20246), pedigreed to the Wa She Wong and Kann collections and missing from most significant cabinets of Chinese coins. The rarities continue with a 2 Ducats Klippe from Magdeburg in Germany (lot 20359)—a likely unique siege issue that is both plated and cited in Friedberg! lot 20367 presents another incredibly rare siege issue that has been plated in Friedberg, this time a 2 Ducats from Saxony commemorating the siege of Leipzig.

A gold 5 Pounds of George IV (lot 20440) is another astounding rarity and boasts an estimated mintage of just 150 specimens; the present example is from the Marlborough-Blenheim Collection. A gold Jubilee medal for Queen Victoria’s 50th year of reign (lot 20451) presents a unique opportunity to acquire a fantastic item that is the finest of its type ever seen.

Among the most impressive specimens in the sale is an undated 6 Doppie of Odardo Farnese, an unusual and exceedingly rare large format gold issue (lot 21135) that is one of just three examples recorded. Its last appearance at auction (Stack’s January 2008 sale) saw it realize a hammer of $150,000. Another grand Italian gold issue (lot 21150) should attract its fair share of attention. It is a likely unique off-metal striking that pairs a weighty gold planchet with silver Ducatone dies, resulting in a bold and enigmatic specimen to the weight of 20 Zecchini. Also of note is an unpublished and seemingly unique Double Rose Noble from Gelderland (lot 21199) that features a well-made flan and choice strike, as well as a rather splendid pedigree to the Rijnbende (1890) and Westhoff (1848) collections—a lineage of over 170 years!

For Latin American specialists, lot 21232 represents the first Paraguayan gold coin. One of just a handful known, it is pedigreed to the famed Eliasberg Collection (2005). lot 21256 offers a Simon Bolivar/Liberator of Cuzco Peruvian gold Medal that is unheard of in this metal and features Incan ruins on its reverse. The famed Woodrow Wilson Medallic “Dollar” for the opening of the Manila mint presents the opportunity to acquire a true rarity at the height of preservation for its scant issuance. lot 21272 will no doubt attract a lot of attention as well as intense bidding.

Additional N.Y.I.N.C. Highlights include:
Ancient Coins:
Lot 20013: MACEDON. Macedonian Tribes. The Derrones. AR Dodekadrachm, ca. 480-465 B.C. NGC EF, Strike: 3/5 Surface: 3/5. Horn Silver.
Lot 20042: MYSIA. Lampsakos. AV Stater, ca. 394-350 B.C. NGC Ch AU, Strike: 4/5 Surface: 4/5. Light Scuff.
Lot 20058: JUDAEA. First Jewish War, 66-70 C.E. AR Shekel, Jerusalem Mint, Year 1 (66/7 C.E.). NGC Ch EF*, Strike: 4/5 Surface: 5/5.
lot 20116: ANTONINUS PIUS, A.D. 138-161. AV Aureus, Rome Mint, A.D. 151-152. NGC Ch MS, Strike: 5/5 Surface: 5/5. Fine Style.

World Coins:
Lot 20150: AUSTRALIA. Proof Set (7 Pieces), 1938. Melbourne Mint. All PCGS Gold Shield Certified.
lot 20277: CZECHOSLOVAKIA. 10 Ducat (Dukatu), 1931. NGC MS-63.
lot 20330: FRANCE. 100 Francs, 1855-A. Paris Mint. Napoleon III. PCGS MS-64+.
lot 20336: FRANCE. Board of Directors Honorary Banking Gold Medal, 1886. Paris Mint. NGC MS-61.
Lot 20364: GERMANY. Nurnberg. Gold Medallic 10 Ducats, ND (1688)-PHM. PCGS Genuine–Repaired, AU Details Gold Shield.
Lot 20368: GERMANY. Saxony. 4 Ducats, 1617. Dresden Mint. Johann Georg I. PCGS Genuine–Repaired, EF Details Gold Shield.
lot 20377: GERMANY. Strasburg. 2 Ducats Klippe, 1617. NGC AU-55.
Lot 20378: GERMANY. Strasburg. Gold Medallic Ducat, 1679. NGC MS-63.
Lot 20380: GERMANY. Wurttemberg. Gold Medallic 3 Ducats, ND (ca. 1685-1725). PCGS AU-55 Gold Shield.
lot 20396: GREAT BRITAIN. Sovereign, ND (1544-47). London Mint; im: Lis. Henry VIII. NGC VF Details–Graffiti.
lot 20407: GREAT BRITAIN. Unite (20 Shillings), 1656. Commonwealth. PCGS MS-61 Gold Shield.
lot 20410: GREAT BRITAIN. Unite (20 Shillings), ND (1660-62). London Mint; im: Crown. Charles II. PCGS AU-58 Gold Shield.
lot 20438: GREAT BRITAIN. Cambridge University Chancellor’s Gold Medal, ND (ca. 1811). George III. PCGS SPECIMEN-62 Gold Shield.
lot 20446: GREAT BRITAIN. Crown, 1839. London Mint. Victoria. PCGS PROOF-61 Gold Shield.
lot 20450: GREAT BRITAIN. 5 Pounds, 1887. London Mint. Victoria. NGC PROOF-61+ Ultra Cameo.
lot 20476: HUNGARY. Gold Medallic 2 Ducats, ND (1608). Matthias II. PCGS Genuine–Damage, AU Details Gold Shield.
Lot 21131: ITALY. Italy – Hungary. Milan. Goldgulden with Biscione Civic Countermark, ND (ca. late-17th Century). CHOICE VERY FINE; Countermark: EXTREMELY FINE.
Lot 21132: ITALY. Modena. 2 Scudi d’Oro, ND (1629-58). Francesco I d’Este. NGC AU-55.
lot 21145: ITALY. Savoy. 4 Scudi d’Oro, 1641. Turin Mint. Carlo Emanuele II with Cristina di Borbone-Francia as Regent. NGC AU-55.
Lot 21157: JAPAN. Goryoban (5 Ryo), ND (1837-43). Tempo. PCGS AU-50 Gold Shield.
lot 21158: JAPAN. Oban, ND (1860-62). Man’en. PCGS AU-55 Gold Shield.
Lot 21168: MEXICO. 8 Escudos, 1713-oXMJ. Mexico City Mint. Philip V. NGC MS-63.
lot 21176: MEXICO. Puebla. Ferdinand VII Gold Proclamation Medal, 1808. NGC MS-62.
lot 21200: NETHERLANDS. Netherlands – Germany. Holland. Ducat, ND (1573-74). Dutch Revolt Against Spain. PCGS Genuine–Cleaned, EF Details Gold Shield; Countermark: EF Details.
Lot 21255: PERU. Simon Bolivar — Peru is Restored Oval Gold Proclamation Medal, 1824. Lima Mint. PCGS Genuine–Cleaned, AU Details Gold Shield.
lot 21279: POLAND. 200000 Zlotych, 1989-MW. Warsaw Mint. NGC PROOF-68 Ultra Cameo.
Lot 21280: POLAND. Lithuania. 5 Ducats, 1622. Vilnius Mint. Sigismund III. PCGS Genuine–Mount Removed, AU Details Gold Shield.
lot 21339: RUSSIA. Ruble, 1884-CNB AT. Alexander III. NGC PROOF-64 Cameo.
lot 21356: SCOTLAND. Ducat or ‘Bonnet Piece’, 1540. James V. NGC EF Details–Graffiti.
lot 21360: SPAIN. Kingdom of Aragon. Ducat, ND (1458-79). Zaragoza Mint. John II. NGC MS-62.

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Stack’s Bowers Galleries conducts live, Internet and specialized auctions of rare U.S. and world coins and currency and ancient coins, as well as direct sales through retail and wholesale channels. The company’s 80-year legacy includes the cataloging and sale of many of the most valuable United States coin and currency collections to ever cross an auction block — The D. Brent Pogue Collection, The John J. Ford, Jr. Collection, The Louis E. Eliasberg, Sr. Collection, The Harry W. Bass, Jr. Collection, The Joel R. Anderson Collection, The Norweb Collection, The Cardinal Collection and The Battle Born Collection — to name just a few. World coin and currency collections include The Louis E. Eliasberg, Sr. Collection of World Gold Coins, The Kroisos Collection, The Alicia and Sidney Belzberg Collection, The Wa She Wong Collection, The Guia Collection, The Thos. H. Law Collection, and The Robert O. Ebert Collection.

Topping off this amazing numismatic history is the inclusion of the world record for the highest price ever realized at auction for a rare coin, the 1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar graded Specimen-66 (PCGS) that realized over $10 million, part of their sale of the famed Cardinal Collection. The company is headquartered in Santa Ana, California, with offices in New York, Wolfeboro, Hong Kong, and Paris. Stack’s Bowers Galleries is an Official Auctioneer for several important numismatic conventions, including American Numismatic Association events, the New York International Numismatic Convention, the Whitman Coin & Collectibles Spring, Summer and Winter Expos, and its April and August Hong Kong Auctions.

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