Stack’s Bowers Galleries Has a Long History of Record Prices

Did you know that Stack’s Bowers Galleries has a long history of setting and holding record prices? From 1979 until 2021 Stack’s Bowers Galleries (and its predecessor companies) held the World Record for the most valuable coin sold at auction for all but seven years:


  1. In 1979, Bowers and Ruddy offered the Garrett Collection Part I, in which the finest known 1787 Brasher doubloon was sold for $725,000. This record stood for 10 years. 1787-Brasher-Doubloon-EB-on-Wing-Lot-607-Stacks-Bowers-Galleries.png
  2. In 1989, RARCOA sold the Dexter Specimen 1804 Draped Bust dollar for $990,000. That record wouldn’t last quite as long as the previous. 1804-Draped-Bust-Silver-Dollar-Lot-5045-Stacks-Bowers-Galleries.png
  3. Seven years later, Bowers and Merena (in conjunction with Stack’s) sold the famous 1913 Liberty Head nickel at public auction for $1,485,000, the first coin to break the $1 million mark. Since then, we have sold that coin again for $4,560,000 in the 2018 ANA Auction. 1913-Liberty-Head-Nickel-Lot-1096-Stacks-Bowers-Galleries (1).png
  4. The following year, in 1997, we sold the Stickney Specimen 1804 Draped Bust dollar for $1,815,000. In 2020 we sold it again, this time for $3,360,000 as part of the Larry H. Miller Collection. 1804-Draped-Bust-Silver-Dollar-Lot-1094-Stacks-Bowers-Galleries.png
  5. In 1999 we auctioned Childs Specimen 1804 Draped Bust dollar for $4,140,000. This coin is the finest known and is graded PF-68. We sold this same coin in 2021 for $7,680,000. 1804-Draped-Bust-Silver-Dollar-Lot-4114-Stacks-Bowers-Galleries.png
  6. In 2002, we surpassed our record again with the sale of the only monetized 1933 Saint Gaudens double eagle. This coin sold for an astounding $7,590,000 at auction, crushing the previous record. 1933-Saint-Gaudens-Double-Eagle-Lot-1-Stacks-Bowers-Galleries (1).png
  7. Finally, in 2013, we offered the finest known 1794 Flowing Hair Silver dollar for a record-setting bid of $10,016,875. This record stood for eight years. 1794-Flowing-Hair-Silver-Dollar-Lot-13094-Stacks-Bowers-Galleries.png


Stack’s Bowers Galleries has a history of bringing impressive prices in the auction setting, one of the reasons our company has withstood the test of time for nearly 90 years. Our success can be  your success when you consign to a Stack’s Bowers Galleries sale. While we love to feature world record breaking numismatic items, we welcome consignments of all sizes and invite you to contact us at to speak to one of our specialists.

*Images Courtesy of PCGS, NGC, and Stack’s Bowers Galleries

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